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Cracked E-47 Sump Base Castings

We get a lot of calls about "leaking valves", or "leaking O Rings" between the Sump Base and the PA Block. One customer even went so far as to take the Sump Base and the PA Block to a machine shop and have the mating surfaces milled to ensure they were flat and square. It didn't solve the leak problem. Here is why.....

The Sump Based cracked from enough water sitting in the high pressure filter port to freeze and crack the Sump Base Casting. Click on the pictures to view the cracks.

Click picture for a detailed view. Click picture for a detailed view.

Sometimes they are hard to see, and others are plain as day, like below.


The only fix is to change the Sump Base The only way to prevent it is to not allow water to accumulate in your pump! CHANGE YOUR OIL ANNUALLY AT LEAST!

We inspect every E-46, E-47, and E-57 we rebuild for this cracking. It just plain sucks to rebuild a unit that was sent in from out of State, where the sender does not know the history of the unit, only to find a crack after it is done and on the test stand. We try our best to avoid that scenario.

Casting Flaws

Plow won't stay up and you installed a seal kit? Read on.... Another problem that is somewhat common, is the plow won't stay up, and as it drops, it goes to the left. You tried replacing the B Check Valve (Ball and Spring) and that didn't fix the problem. The fix is to replace the Sump Base, but the manual does not say why. The reason is a flaw in the E-47 Sump Base casting that allows fluid to leak into the high pressure passageway from the Gear Pump. The fluid under pressure cannot spin the pump backwards because of the pump check valve. So instead it sends the pressure to the right side PA Ram which angles the plow left. Here is one we just had in the shop where you can see the flaw.

Meyer E-47 Sump Base Casting Flaw

Click the image for a larger view with notations on the image.

Here is an oddball we came across. Customer said plow would not stay up. We found this flaw in the casting. It is odd because the unit is a 1986 model year, but the problem showed up in 2009.

Meyer E-47 Sump Base Casting Flaw
(Click image for a detailed view)

It was allowing oil to pass under the Cylinder Base O Ring. The plow would not stay up and dropped straight down.


Meyer E-47 / E-57 Sump Base

SKU: M15573

Meyer E-47 / E-57 Sump Base

Meyer E-47 and E-57 Sump Base. Meyer part#15573. Replace your damaged or cracked base with this new OEM Meyer part. Comes with Drain Plug, Filter Plugs, and Filters.


Manufacturer: Genuine Meyer

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